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a bad animator of madness

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it so bad... help me

en la concha de tu madre

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Posted by ASERROR404 - October 24th, 2019

now i´m old and i´m screw if i don´t have flash installed


Posted by ASERROR404 - October 8th, 2019

Posted by ASERROR404 - May 11th, 2019

Hi, well, I'm in a hurry. I'm just going to leave the link to my YouTube channel where I'm uploading test

link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDhY16Hm33LlGnATQTRsX6A

Posted by ASERROR404 - April 22nd, 2019


Posted by ASERROR404 - April 21st, 2019

this is for some things ... among them the weapon psychics

I still have to move the other character, the camera and put the bullets ... but I think that will be fine with that, if I have luck and time tomorrow I will have it ready

Passworld ... I'm waiting for your share of the shared animation that we have



Posted by ASERROR404 - April 16th, 2019


well ... this is just a test of smg, as new does not allow for obvious reasons upload test to dry in "movie" I decided to upload it to dump

for the moment I only practice it and do those things

When I have better quality among other things I will upload a pending animation for a friend

I know it's simple ... but what do you expect for a test?

Posted by ASERROR404 - February 12th, 2019

Thank you very much to the user Uchiharei, for designing the logo of my account

has open competitions and the price may vary from quality among other things

link: https://uchiharei.newgrounds.com/


muchas gracias a la usuario Uchiharei, por diseñar el logo de mi cuenta

tiene comisiones abiertas y el precio puede variar de la calidad entre otras cosa

link: https://uchiharei.newgrounds.com/


Posted by ASERROR404 - February 10th, 2019

good morning, afternoon or evening (at the time I write this post is late)

You can call me "A.S" or Albert

I am a Latin American who always wanted to encourage ... And from today I will start with a small but important animation ... but it is important for me not if you are interested

I am going to dedicate myself to animation in the style of madness, I am being helped by a friend I met on this platform ... coincidentally we are from the same country

well ... thanks for reading

Special greeting for: Alyzunplz12, for helping me with the animation

I'm sorry for the translation, I'm good from English to Spanish but not around


buenos dias, tardes o noches (a la hora que escribo este post es a tardecer)

me pueden llamar "A.S" o Albert

soy un latino americano que siempre a querido animar... Y desde hoy comenzare con una algo pequeña pero importante animacion... pero es importante para mi no se si les interese

me voy a dedicar a la animacion al estilo de madness, me esta ayudando un amigo que conoci por esta plataforma... que coincidentemente somos del mismo pais

bueno... gracias por leer

saludo especial para: Alyzunplz12, por ayudarme con la animacion

losiento por la traducion, soy bueno del ingles al español pero no alrevez